Period Building Renovations in Stockton on Tees | Key Considerations

When undergoing period building renovations, there are a number of aspects to consider to ensure your home meets requirements, while maintaining historical charm and characteristics. As specialists, we provide expert period building services which ensure customers in Stockton on Tees and North Yorkshire get the most from their homes. Whether undertaking Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian building renovations, we provide high-quality, efficient services which deliver unbeatable results. As part of refurbishments, we even construct period building extensions which fully maximise space.


When undertaking work on traditional homes, including Victorian building renovations, it is important to consider a variety of needs to ensure projects remain on track and provide the desired result. Below we have provided a handy list of some of the key aspects customers should take into account:


Check Necessary Approvals


This needs to be one of the first steps of period building renovations and extensions. Before any work is carried out, make sure you know if your property is listed or in a conservation area. It is illegal to make changes to a listed building without consent from the relevant authorities. Homes in conservation areas may be subject to additional controls, especially if undertaking period building extensions.


Our experienced team advise on necessary approvals and can help apply for planning permission if your project requires it.


Check Electrics & Heating


Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian building renovations in Stockton on Tees often include upgrades of heating and electrical systems. As well as making homes more functional and comfortable, this can help lower household bills. If rewiring and/or new pipework is required, we make sure to pay close attention to plasterwork and other aspects to avoid damaging original features.


Assess Structural Conditions


Property surveys and inspections are one of the initial stages of period building renovations. This gives an idea of the scale of work and allows us to stabilise buildings before carrying out further services. We make sure homes in Stockton on Tees and the surrounding areas are weatherproof, repairing or replacing broken doors, windows and roofing. Our period building services also include securing foundations, a common component of Edwardian building renovations.

Have a Contingency Budget


Even with careful planning and budgeting, it can be difficult to know how much a full project will cost. Traditional properties often have hidden problems which do not appear until work begins. Unless these are resolved, they cause delays to projects. To ensure refurbishments, including Victorian building renovations, remain as efficient as possible, and to cover unexpected costs, it is highly advisable to have a contingency budget in place.


As a specialist company, we provide expert advice for all Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian building renovations. With many years’ experience, we are proud to offer a broad range of period building services, including high-quality period building extensions. Working closely with customers, we make sure to meet every individual need.


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