Edwardian Building Renovations in Stockton on Tees and North Yorkshire

Following the Victorian era, the Edwardian period refers to the years 1901 to 1910. During this time, architecture was heavily influenced by the Arts and Crafts Movement. Homes became larger, with bigger hallways, more windows and more social internal spaces. Properties were also set back from the pavement with front gardens to improve privacy. The exterior of Edwardian homes is more extravagant, with carved features, porches and mock-Tudor cladding. Our Edwardian building renovations focus on maintaining such features while improving the function of homes in Stockton on Tees, Cleveland and North Yorkshire to meet specific needs.


Period property owners in Northallerton, Potto, Stokesley and Thirsk also regularly benefit from our services

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When undertaking Edwardian renovations, we take a variety of factors into account to provide an outstanding finish on every project. Refurbishment aspects which are specific to this style include:


Porches & Balconies


Edwardian properties often feature porches and balconies which are edged with elegantly carved timber railings and fretwork patterns. They are lighter and sleeker than Victorian styles, creating visually pleasing structures.


Where possible, we repair these features, otherwise replacing them with sturdy, attractive alternatives.

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Monochrome designs were a popular feature in hallways and leading to front doors. To restore or recreate this style aspect, black and white tiles laid in a checkerboard pattern provides an authentic feel. We supply high-quality tiles for such projects, available in a range of colours and finishes to suit every taste in Stockton on Tees and the surrounding areas.


Bay Windows


Bay windows are a common feature of Edwardian properties because the children of the industrial revolution wanted to let as much fresh air and natural light into their homes as possible. Bay windows are a great aspect of these properties and Edwardian building renovations often include maximising this feature.


Comfortable window seating which doubles as storage is popular among homeowners in North Yorkshire.




Edwardian properties generally have shallow foundations, making them vulnerable to ground movement. Cracks and gaps in the mortar can be caused by trees and shrubs as well as leaking drains. As experienced period building renovation specialists, we assess any structural issues, fixing these before carrying out further work on properties in Stockton on Tees and North Yorkshire.



Air bricks on these properties often get blocked by soil or paving as garden levels have been progressively raised. Rising damp is not usually a major problem in Edwardian homes because measures were taken at the time to reduce this issue. This included bitumen or slate damp proof courses. However, changes and cracks can cause damp proof courses to fail.


Edwardian homes also have solid, cold walls which can cause condensation, in turn leading to mould. The blocking of fireplaces also hinders ventilation.


Our period building services include inspecting ventilation features and issues, providing expert solutions to minimise the risk of damp, protecting your property and your health.


When undertaking Edwardian building renovations, we deliver extensive interior and exterior services to ensure your home is as functional and comfortable as possible, meeting the demands of individual lifestyles.


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Edwardian building renovations in Stockton on Tees 11
Edwardian building renovations in Stockton on Tees 12
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